COMING SOON: Even More Ways To Make Movement Count

Whether you’re working out at the gym, hitting your local spin class or walking your dog, it’s time you got more out of your active minutes. Coming soon to MyHealth+:

  • Track steps & activity when you sync with Google Fit or Apple Health
  • Get daily activity recommendations & hit your targets
  • Receive reminders to move
  • Track calories burned during active minutes (FitTrack Band only)

Meet Your FitTrack Trainers

Daily workouts have never been this good.

Evan Lee, Head of FitTrack Programming

Evan Lee is a certified personal trainer, health and fitness expert specialized in explaining the “why" behind exercise—and the “how” in reaching your goals. You might recognize him from our ongoing Workout Wednesday series!

Irina Andreea, FitTrack Strength & Mobility Coach

Irina Andreea is a certified personal trainer with a background in natural and holistic health. Her mission is to help us all build more sustainable fitness habits.


Jed Tavernier, FitTrack Strength & Conditioning coach

Jed Tavernier is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor with a BA & Master’s in Kinesiology. He’s here to help us take our fitness to the next level.