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Because pregnancy and childbirth are a sensitive period for both the mother and the baby, it is vital to closely monitor your and your infant's health. As an expecting mother, you would want yourself to be in a state of mind where you can let your concerns go, feel secure that your munchkin is going to be healthy, and things are going to be okay during and after the pregnancy.

FitTrack has emerged as the modern-day health management ecosystem for pregnant women, enabling them to navigate in the jungle of digital health trackers. In the era of patient empowerment, our goal is to provide digital health technologies to help pregnant women monitor the process constantly at their own comfort.

From measuring the resting heart to understanding body composition and muscle mass percentage during pregnancy, and more, FitTrack offers a range of health management solutions in the form of wearables, mobile applications, and health programs to help moms-to-be stay vigilant and make informed decisions regarding their health.

They say being a mother changes you, and they aren't joking. Pregnancy and childbirth change your body - sometimes in wonderful and sometimes in not-so-wonderful ways. At no time in life, you will grow a human inside you, have cells hijack your brain, and force your heart to pump 50% more blood.

#1 Get a Complete Picture of How Your Body is Changing During Pregnancy

#1 Get a Complete Picture of How Your Body is Changing During Pregnancy

Your body undergoes many transformations during pregnancy. The most visible changes are weight gain and expanding belly, while others are well known, such as back pain, morning sickness, and an enlarged uterus. However, some of these bodily changes are unexpected and may catch you by surprise.

Weight gain during pregnancy is normal, but it is a problem when gained unhealthily. With FitTrack Beebo Family Smart Scale, you can track 17 different health measurements, including overall weight, bone mass, muscle mass, fat mass, and hydration. These measurements are all important to keep yourself on track during the nine-month period.

The Beebo Family Smart Scale allows you to safely track your vitals and weekly progress throughout each trimester. There is a 'pregnancy and post-pregnancy mode' using which you can also measure a child's health gains during and after pregnancy and can spot signs of underdevelopment.

#2 Get Personalized Insights to Stay Motivated throughout Pregnancy

#2 Get Personalized Insights to Stay Motivated throughout Pregnancy

It is astounding how a woman's body adapts to accommodate pregnancy. Her health drastically fluctuates during these 9 months. Things get even more challenging after childbirth. Thus, it is important to keep track of the overall health throughout the pregnancy period and motherhood.

With FitTrack, you get a personalized approach to your health. You can set personalized goals as per your health needs and work to achieve them. Our smart scales are designed differently. They can be easily integrated with our FitTrack mobile application, enabling you to monitor your on the go. You can also show the data and results to your gynecologist for a more personalized approach to your healthcare.

It uses smart algorithm adjustments based on your individual habits. So will get accurate, body-type specific reporting. From weight gain to irregular heartbeats, low body mass composition, everything can be easily managed.

#3 Start a New Chapter While Regaining your Old Body

#3 Start a New Chapter While Regaining your Old Body

If all those Instagram photos and stories of shapely and svelte celebrity new moms have left you never want to look in the mirror again, take a break! Don't blame yourself or don't feel ashamed of yourself. You have experienced the most beautiful thing in the world - you just made a baby. There's nothing more powerful than that.

Being a new mom is a lot of work. It means falling in love again, but this time with a tiny human. You will be figuring out how to survive on just a few hours of sleep, doing multiple diaper changes in a day, feeding your baby 4-6 times in a 24-hour period.

So, don't blame yourself because of how your body has changed over the last six months postpartum. You can get back to shape with little work. It starts with knowing your body, from what it needs to what should be avoided, and maintaining a healthy weight.

FitTrack enables you to monitor your health as you take up the new role of motherhood. From determining what is a good resting heart to figuring out if it is good to have a high muscle mass and learning about your body composition, FitTrack health monitoring devices are a perfect fit for your whole family.

#4 A Stress-Free and Hygienic Way to Measure Your Baby's Temperature

#4 A Stress-Free and Hygienic Way to Measure Your Baby's Temperature

Fever in babies is a common concern, especially for first-time mothers. There are a lot of reasons why your baby's temperature may rise or decrease. Thus, it is crucial to randomly take your munchkin's body temperature randomly once a while, even if your baby is feeling okay.

But taking your baby's temperature can be intimidating because the temperature measuring devices in the market can cause discomfort and are inaccurate.

Axillary and oral temperature can be inaccurate, while ear (tympanic) and rectal (bottom) temperature readings can cause discomfort for both baby and mother.

For this reason, we have designed a new infrared thermometer that makes it easy to take body temperature by sensing the heat emitted from the baby's body. It is not only a hygienic way to measure body temperature, but it is also highly accurate with no mess and fuss. The FitTrack Tempo is so practical that you can use it even if your baby's sleeping.

This way, you can take immediate decisions regarding your baby's healthcare needs.

#5 Grow Healthy as a Family

#5 Grow Healthy as a Family

The Beebo Smart Scale recognizes up to 8 users. So you can check your own, your baby's and your partner's body vitals and save the data for future reference. All this information is organized into an easy-to-read online portal, which can be accessed via the FitTrack mobile app. You can then share and compare your data with your care provider or pediatrician and take the necessary steps to better your whole family's health.

Good health starts with knowing what your body wants and how it is functioning. With FitTrack, you can rest assured that your health till childbirth and beyond motherhood can be easily monitored.

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