Sign the Pledge to #AskHerHowShels

1 in 5 American moms say they are rarely asked how they are. And when people do ask her how she’s doing, the majority check in on the kids before mom herself.
In fact, more than half of mothers say their friends, family, neighbors, colleagues and even partners ask her how the baby or child is doing before asking how she is.
It’s time to change that.

These incredible women are more than someone’s mom - and it’s time we start to ask mom how SHE is doing.

Take the pledge to commit to asking moms and moms-to-be everywhere - your next door neighbor, your newly pregnant friend, your partner, your own mom - how she is. Join our mission to support moms’ wellbeing by signing the #AskHerHowSheIs pledge below. For every signature, FitTrack will donate $1 (up to $5,000) to Postpartum Support International - an organization dedicated to helping women and families deal with the emotional changes they experience during pregnancy and postpartum.

Share your support for asking mom how she is below.

Share your support for asking mom how she is below.


As our way to thank you for your commitment to the #AskHerHowSheIs campaign, you will be automatically entered into our #AskHerHowSheIs Spa Day Giveaway to win an at-home Spa Kit for you or a mom in your life!

We're giving away 10 prize packs including a Spa Gift Set + Beebo Smartscale + Eskafil "All-In-One'" Skincare Set.

To learn more about the pledge, read our blog.

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