Monitor your health. Track your fitness. Get your weight under control. FitTrack puts your wellness goals in reach. And while change doesn't happen overnight, with FitTrack, it lasts.

It shouldn't take a medical degree to make good decisions about your health. FitTrack gives you personalized insights across 17 health metrics - from visceral fat to muscle mass, BMI, body weight, sleep, hydration, and more - so you know which habits to adjust to reach your health goals.

See how your actions impact your body in real time. Every single day.

What you'll win

Optimize the way you live, sleep and train. The Atria 2.0 is a health smartwatch that monitors your body 24/7, so you get an accurate, up-to-date understanding of your health.

How it Works

  • Get actionable insights based on 24/7 monitoring ofyour activity, health and wellness
  • Stay connected with smart notifications
  • Get calls, texts and reminders from your phone
  • Track sleep, heart rate, blood oxygen and body temperature