"This Smart Scale is basically having a Personal Trainer in your bathroom."

"The easier way to track you"

“The FitTrack is the personal health tracking device.”

"The digital scale that does more than just provide you with your weight."

Whether it is finding the right body composition or lowering your resting heart rate, you can triumph over diabetes and lead a healthy and happy life with the right set of data. FitTrack boasts all the right solutions, from body composition scale to fitness tracking app, wearable technology, among others, to help people make informed decisions regarding their health.

The idea behind FitTrack is quite simple. By giving you an accurate view of your vitals, along with information on how much you are eating, decreasing/increasing mass, how fast/slow is your heart rate, and sleeping, you can make some real improvements.

Our goal is to provide you with the right set of data about your health because with health tracking comes awareness, and this is really the need of the hour for a healthier and happier life.

There is no cure for diabetes, but it can be managed.

There is no cure for diabetes, but it can be managed.

Data can give you immense power to control and manage diabetes. Pre-diabetic patients, on the other hand, can use data to prevent their chances of being diagnosed with diabetes. When it comes to managing or preventing diabetes, eating right, regular exercise, and keeping blood sugar under control plays a vital role. And FitTrack can give you accurate feedback about how little or how much you are doing those things.

#1 Detect Early Signs of Pre-Diabetes

#1 Detect Early Signs of Pre-Diabetes

Pre-Diabetes is when your blood glucose levels are higher than it should be but not extreme enough for your primary care physician to diagnose it as diabetes. Doctors call this phenomenon impaired glucose tolerance or fasting glucose tolerance. But it can be easily detected at home with FitTrack smart scales.

One of the primary symptoms of pre-diabetes is constant changes in the heart rate. It could also be a sign of heart disease. With FitTrack smart scales, you can keep track of your RHR and take necessary precautions if the readings are not common than usual.

You can record the data for a week and share it with your primary care physician for better understanding. FitTrack Starter Pack helps you stay consistent and on track towards your health and fitness goals. Most importantly, prevention is better than cure, and FitTrack is a step ahead of all the other digital health management devices.

#2 Stay on Track of your Health Goals

#2 Stay on Track of your Health Goals

By tracking your steps and calories you burned, FitTrack Atria 2.0 Smartwatch can help your whole family get fitter. However, this smartwatch has a special benefit for people with diabetes. When it comes to controlling diabetes, physical activity is essential. Exercise helps your body regulate insulin better, lower your blood sugar levels, and ensures that you less likely have other health issues.

FitTrack Atria 2.0 Smartwatch is all you need to kick-start your workout regime. Doctors advise people with diabetes to walk on a daily basis, and counting your steps with Atria 2.0 is a great way to stay on track. Most importantly, it can track how many calories you burn throughout the day, benefiting your blood sugar level.

Above all, there are motion sensors installed in FitTrack Atria 2.0 Smartwatch that track your sleep. Diabetes and sleep are related to each other. If your Atria 2.0 records many irregular sleep patterns, it is an indication that you should talk to your doctor because this is a symptom of diabetes, which can lead to nerve pain or sleep apnea at night. Also, waking up often in the night suggests that your blood sugar levels are getting low.

#3 Keep a Note of what your Heart Needs

#3 Keep a Note of what your Heart Needs

With the FitTrack Health App, you can understand your body better. Your body fat can have an influence on the severity of diabetes. With this mobile application, you can measure your hydration, weight, muscle mass, and 17 other different vital health metrics that can help you control diabetes or prevent it altogether if you are pre-diabetic.

We have designed this app for the whole family, allowing you to make informed decisions about your health and stay safe from not only diabetes but other health complications as well.

The most significant feature of the FitTrack Health App is that it can help you track and improve your heart health. Low resting heart rate or extremely high resting heart rate is an indication of diabetes. With this app, you can monitor your resting heart rate patterns over time and access heart-friendly workouts with real-time and historical heart health monitoring.

#4 Benefit from 24/7 Health Tracking and Data Collection

#4 Benefit from 24/7 Health Tracking and Data Collection

As said, data is the key to better health. If you regularly keep a tab of your body vitals, you will know what your body demands, and achieving it becomes a lot simpler. This is the purpose of the FitTrack Starter Pack. Our health improvement devices are designed to give you 24/7 health tracking. Whether it is the Atria 2.0 smartwatch or smart scales, you get 100% accurate readings whenever you use them.

All these devices can be smartly integrated into the FitTrack Health App, so you can track your progress on the go. This is a crucial benefit, especially for diabetic patients or those who are looking to bring down and manage their blood sugar levels. With 24/7 health monitoring, there is nothing that can go wrong. You will know when you need to see the doctor and when is the right time to take medications if needed.

#5 Manage and Share Data

#5 Manage and Share Data

One of the biggest perks of FitTrack is that we allow you to keep track of your real-time and historical health data, which you can share with concerned doctors as well.

You can show your body vitals based on the day and time, like your resting heart rate, weight, fat percentage, and all other aspects that may trigger diabetes. It is essential to share your vitals with your primary care physician as he/she can better understand your health status with weekly or monthly reports.

Managing and monitoring diabetes has never been this easy. With FitTrack, you can achieve it all and that too at your fingertips. Visit FitTrack now to know more.

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