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Why You’ll Need It

Measure 17 Health Vitals Beyond Weight

Understand different body metrics that can be improved on

80% of people fail to maintain their health goals. FitTrack scales gives a comprehensive picture of your body composition to help you make smarter choices that can have a significant impact on meeting your weight and health goals.

Set Goals & Track and Trend Your Progress

Reach Fitness Goals 8x Faster

Made to keep you accountable, the FitTrack Smart Scale, tracks your progress, so you can see how you’re body and health in changing from the daily lifestyle choice you make allowing you to always stay on track.

Reach Fitness & Health Goals 8x Faster

Stay Motivated and Reach Your Goals with Better Performance and Health Insights

7 out of 10 FitTrack  users with a weight loss goal manage to lose a significant amount of fat mass in less than 3 months following the installation of their body composition scale.

Science Backed Tailored Plans

The only smart scale that provides actionable insights beyond just numbers

Knowing your health progress is good, knowing how to improve it is better. FitTrack provides particularly relevant data for your health and enriches your experience with a science-based program on how to improve your health.