In this section, you can learn more about updating your account from the FitTrack Pro to the FitTrack Health app.

You’ll find useful information on how to update your account, answers to your commonly asked questions and tips.

We're excited to bring to you the launch of FitTrack Health, an app that offers you all the features you love in FitTrack Pro along with a new and improved experience. With FitTrack Health, you benefit from updates such as faster syncing with your FitTrack devices, a more intuitive welcome and future improvements later this year. Your data is safe and secure and we’ve done all the work in the background to make your move seamless from start to finish. For more information, please read our blog post on this important update.

To New users to FitTrack Health, here's what you need to do:

1. Open your App Store (Apple users) or Google Play Store (Android users)

2. Download the FitTrack Health app on your device

3. Open the app and sign in with your FitTrack Pro email and password (case sensitive)

4. You will be prompted to follow a quick process to sync all your data

5. Once you’ve completed the sync, you’re all set to use the FitTrack Health app

In case you’re using both FitTrack Pro and FitTrack Health, here’s what you need to do:

1. Open your FitTrack Health app.

2. You can login with your FitTrack Health or your FitTrack Pro email address and password. (case sensitive)

3. If you use your FitTrack Pro details to log in, you will be prompted to sync all your data.

4. Please accept the prompt to sync your data or reject to start afresh.

5. You will be asked some onboarding questions so we can learn more about your health and wellness goals.

6. After that, you’re all set to start tracking your results with the FitTrack Health app.

1. I don’t remember my FitTrack Pro password

If you don’t remember your FitTrack Pro password, please follow the following steps:

  • - Select ‘Sign In’ on the ‘Let’s Get Started’ page
  • - Click ‘Forgot Password?’
  • - Enter your email address to receive a verification code
  • - Enter the four digit code that you should have received in your email.
  • - You can enter a new password to login

2. I’m having trouble signing in to FitTrack Health

If you are having trouble signing in to the FitTrack Health App, here are a few troubleshooting options:

  • a. There might be a delay in loading, up to 2 minutes when you log in as we have made some improvements and we will be pulling in all your data to the latest version. Let the application continue to load and you will be logged in.
  • b. Try changing your password and then log in
  • c. Close the app and try again on re-opening
  • d. Delete the app and download it again (don’t worry, your data is still saved)

3. I don’t see my previous readings in the FitTrack Health app

  • a. There might be a delay in loading, up to 2 minutes when you log in as we have made some improvements and we will be pulling in all your data to the latest version.
  • b. Close the app and try again on re-opening
  • c. Delete the app and download it again (don’t worry, your data is still saved)

4. I’ve updated to FitTrack Health but I don’t see my family members’ profiles

  • a. There might be a delay in loading, up to 2 minutes when you log in as we have made some improvements and we will be pulling in all your data to the latest version.
  • b. Close the app and try again on re-opening
  • c. Delete the app and download it again (don’t worry, your data is still saved)

    Managing your personal data

    1. Since the apps are about to merge, will my information and data be transferred from the Pro app to the Health app?

    Yes, with your consent, your data from the FitTrack Pro app will be transferred to the FitTrack Health app. Some of your preferences, such as notification settings, may not be transferred, but your login information as well as health information will be transferred.

    2. Am I going to lose all my data history that I already have on FitTrack Pro?

    All of your data will remain intact on FitTrack Pro. We are simply copying your information from FitTrack Pro to FitTrack Health, so you can have it all on our newer app to make the switching easier.

    3. Will I be able to see my previous readings on the FitTrack Pro app once both apps are merged?

    Yes. Once you give your consent for the data transfer, all your personal information, metrics and data will be made available and visible to you in the FitTrack Health app.

    4. How can I export / import my health history from FitTrack Pro to FitTrack Health?

    Your health history will automatically be switched over to the new app. If there are any issues or inconsistencies, we ask that you send us an email

    About the FitTrack Health app

    5. What are the new features?

    The new features of the FitTrack Health App are:

    - Faster syncing between your FitTrack device and the FitTrack Health app

    - A simpler, more intuitive welcome and login experience

    In addition, we will be launching new features later in 2021. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect:

    - Nutrition - You’ll have access to a one stop shop for all your nutrition needs. The FitTrack Health app will offer calorie tracking, meal planning and a lot more.

    - Insights - Guidance on how to interpret and improve your health metrics to help you meet your personalized goals.

    - Plans - FitTrack provided plans, programs, and content to help you meet your individualized goals.

    6. Will other apps like Fitbit and Health Apps still be compatible?

    FitTrack Health is compatible with Google Fit and Apple Health. It is not compatible with the FitBit app.

    7. Are the maximum members still 8 users per device in FitTrack Health?

    There can be 8 users per account, not device. One scale can link to an unlimited number of accounts but can only pair and sync data with 1 app at a time.

    About the FitTrack Pro app

    8. Can we still use the Pro App so that we don't lose our data?

    Yes. The FitTrack Pro app will still be maintained, but it will be shut down later in 2021 and all users will have to switch to FitTrack Health to maintain their progress.

    9. Will the FitTrack Pro app no longer be available?

    FitTrack Pro will be available until later in 2021. We recommend all of our users make the switch to FitTrack Health today in order to take advantage of the new and improved experience.

    10. Can I use my FitTrack Pro login or do I need to sign up again for the Health account?

    New FitTrack Health users can sign in using the same email and password they used for Fitrack Pro.

    11. Does the FitTrack Health app work on both Android and iPhone?

    Yes, FitTrack Health works on both Android and iOS devices.

    Other Questions

    12. Do Beebo Scale users need to use the FitTrack Health app as well?

    Yes, the FitTrack Health app works with all FitTrack scales.

    13. Is this safe? What will happen to my saved data on the Pro app in case there is a disconnect between applications?

    Yes, the update is safe. We have backups of every users' data and everything will be safe and secure.

    14. How can I change the mode of the scale on the FitTrack Health app?

    1. Go to the Body Measurements page

    2. Click on your name at the top left

    3. Click manage members

    4. Click on your name

    5. Click on App Mode and change it

    15. I’m a FitTrack watch user. Does this update apply to me?

    If you are a FitTrack watch user, you are already using FitTrack Health and we do not need you to do anything. This update is only for FitTrack scale users who are currently using the FitTrack Pro app.

    Need more help?

    If you need additional help in switching to FitTrack Health, please contact us via email at or call FitTrack Customer Service at +1 888-627-4376.

    Over 800,000+ Happy Customers!

    Wow oh...WOW!

    I was skeptical to start but I tested this a day before I did my body scan at the hospitral  that cost $800...and I was really impressed that the results were identical!! Really great product and great customer service!


    Looking for motivation

    I have been on my journey and started to lose some focus. This has helped to bring some motivation back. I'm excited to track my stats and see what is working for me!

    Brittany Stubbs

    Love the scale

    The scale works as advertised and although I’m not thrilled with my numbers YET - I really like having all the data and watching it change based on my actions.

    Gina Dolan

    Love it

    It shipped quickly - set up in seconds - sync to my phone was beyond easy - and it works accurately and perfectly every time - finally a scale that is easy and works as advertised - I had purchased a very high end one prior to this at double the cost...

    Julie Lawrence