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See Why 800,000+ consumers are using fitTrack to lose stubborn weight and keep it off

The smart scale that is changing the way we understand our weight and health. 7 out of 10 FitTrack users manage to significantly lose fat mass in less than 3 months following the installations of their body composition scale.


Change your behaviour, change your life

Weight loss begins in the mind. FitTrack utilizes cognitive behavioral methodology that could help users identify and modify key unhealthy habits while building sustainable behaviors that support their weight and health goals. It comes with a core curriculum designed to increase user understanding of psychology and habit formation

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Understanding the right exercise programs for your goals

If you’re trying to lose weight, you may be wondering how much you should be exercising and what types of exercise you should be doing. Not all exercise helps weight loss, vigorous exercise can also help you work up an appetite. FitTrack measures your body composition and weight loss goals and build science-backed workouts based on your level and objectives to help you reach your weight loss goals 8x faster.

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How keeping track keeps you on track

FitTrack Dara allows you to see your data and your overall progress, which for many people can be motivating and help hold them accountable. To prove this ⅔ users with a fat loss goal manage to lose weight in 6 months following the installation of their smart scale. Emphasizing fat loss rather than weight loss can decrease the risk of several chronic diseases, help reduce the risk of age-related muscle loss, and reduce fat regain.

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Eat Right For Your Body.

A new study in the journal Obesity suggests that self-monitoring what foods you consume is the most effective way to lose weight. FitTrack provides personalized nutrition plan based on your health goals. Then, use FoodScan to log calories and macros from entire meals with just a tap. The app can give you the motivation, discipline, and accountability you need to lose weight — and keep it off.

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Understanding the difference between weight loss and fat loss

Weight loss refers to a decrease in your overall body weight from muscle, water, and fat losses. Fat loss refers to weight loss from fat, and it’s a more specific and healthful goal than weight loss. It can be difficult to know whether you’re losing weight from fat or muscle. With FitTrack you can have a better understanding of whether you’re losing fat, muscle or just water weight.

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See What the Numbers Say About Why FitTrack is the New, Go-To Weight Management Solution

7 out of 10 FitTrack Users manage to significantly lose fat mass in less than 3 months following the installations of their body composition scale

9 out of 10 FitTrack Users feels more motivated with the use of the scale

90% of consumers said they would recommend to a friend

85% of consumers said they’ve seen a significant change from our health plans.

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