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So far so good

Easy to use, wish the app explained all the data a bit more

Awesome Scale

Really happy with my purchase. Thank you

FitTrack scale

The scale is a great tool for monitoring and controlling your weight lose.

FitTrack Scale

Very cool device. The data it provides you with really helps guide you to improve not only weight loss/gain, but also different categories which you may be lacking. Eye opening in a good way!

Affordable rocket science measurements in

My personal trainer from Precision Nutrtition’s eyes lit up when I told her about purchasing this scale. It’s amazing! It broadens the scope way beyond weight and tells us what the weight is all about. We need muscles! We need water! What’s going on with my bone density? Now I know. The FitTrack scale is an empowering device that changes the mental landscape of strength gains and fat loss.

FitCare+ Lifetime Warranty

Bundle FitCare+ Lifetime Warranty

Excellent and cheap service

The recipient received the money the same day and the fees weren’t extremely low, I am very pleased with the service.

Works well, no issues to report, love having so much data!

FitTrack Dara - Smart Body BMI Scale

FitTrack Dara - Smart Body BMI Scale

Love it.

It’s definitely going to motivate me to reach my goal.

Very excited with this product. Easy and so full of info.

Smart Body BMI Scale

We received the new scale the other day and set it up very easily. App is easy to use and move around in with great information. If you are serious about making changes in your health and body, this is the scale for you.

Fit Track New Year Gift for 2021

So as excited as I was for this, it was definitely a shocker to learn what is actually going on in my body. Was I happy with what it told me, NO! But I am happy that in time it will tell me what I what it to! Still trying to figure out how it can tell me how much water I need to have for the day etc. Hopefully that doesn’t take me to long to figure out. The journey begins

FitTrack Starter Pack 2.0

Great scale

I really like the information it gives me.

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The FitTrack Pack has been a wake up call! And has shown me the things that are really important! Love my watch and scale!


I really like it! I haven’t hooked it up to Bluetooth yet but it’s very helpful and accurate! I can even weigh my cat on it!

Very Happy

Very Happy with the information provided on the scale reading! I wish there was a place in the app to read more about what each measurement means.

Love the FitTrack so much. I have had everyone in the house create a profile.

Now I can eat my cake and see exactly what it did to me.

Very sleek and high quality looking device, almost want to keep it in the box so it doesn't get scratched