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Since 2018, FitTrack has globally helped over 800,000 people redefine what health means to them. We strive to create products that give you the full picture of your own health. Products that together offer you a complete and powerful health management system.

FitTrack offers two smart scales—Dara and Beebo—the Atria 2.0 Smartwatch and Tempo, an infrared thermometer.

The Dara scale is FitTrack’s best selling body composition scale that provides users with 15 health body measurements including body fat %, hydration levels and more vital metrics. Users are able to track metrics beyond weight to understand their holistic health.

FitTrack Beebo is a scale designed for new moms and moms-to-be. Beebo helps users better understand their gestation period and post-pregnancy health, with personalized data and insights that offer a full picture of wellness.

Tempo is a contactless thermometer that uses ultra-sensitive infrared sensors for the most accurate results. Our technology makes adjustments to the results based on its distance to the skin as well as environmental conditions.